Connect the unconnected

Real-time monitoring and management of assets to ensure all buildings, fleets, and facilities are connected and performing optimally

“Venturi’s industrial-grade IoT platform, gateways, and sensors create a new benchmark in visibility, optimisation, and control for businesses. We’re confident it will reshape the way you work with your assets.”

– Liam Howard, Director – Technology. Venturi

Our Technologies

The team at Venturi cares deeply about solution security, interoperability, reliability and affordability. These guiding principles led us to build our hardware and software offerings from the ground up, with the very latest software methodologies and embedded hardware. The result is a highly flexible architecture that includes pervasive security as standard, and is ready to integrate with the widest possible range of IoT devices.

Unlock maximum fleet productivity and reduce fuel spend with superior fluid access control and advanced telematics.

Minimise the risk of power availability issues whilst prioritising greener or more cost-efficient energy sources.

Ensure the smooth running of offices, storage facilities, workshops and critical systems with AI-powered monitoring.

Our Platform

Provides a single pane of glass view across fleets, facilities, and geographies, drawing your attention to insights that will reduce business risk or enhance profitability.

Allows you to remotely control access to equipment, fuel, fleet and facilities, manage environmental systems, turn on generators, pumps and more.

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Our People

Understand that IoT solutions must be secure, but also reliable, interoperable, and affordable to add the greatest value.

Technology upgrades to built infrastructure, including energy generation facilities, workshops, as well as bulk chemical, water, or fuel installations, can be custom engineered and complemented with best-of-breed automated control systems to protect your investment.

Our Hardware

Has been designed to withstand the rigours of deployment on industrial worksites anywhere in the world.

Out of the box, our Industrial Field Gateways support the widest possible range of wired and wireless communications and global positioning methods. If you have a sensor, a system, or a machine you want to track and control, we can connect it.

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What We Offer

Venturi solutions unlock the true power of IoT, enabling complete cross-platform visibility and control for many industries.

We help your team focus their attention where it will have the greatest impact and provide you with the context to protect and utilise your people and assets as efficiently as possible. See our Products and Services page for a more complete list of Venturi solutions. Below are some of our most popular offerings.

Track it. Control it. Understand it.

Fleet Telematics

Real-time GPS location monitoring, enhanced driver safety, and remote vehicle security controls to protect your operation.

Field Gateway

The VFG-500 enables complete interoperability and security for IoT deployments, regardless of your location or industry.

Power Monitoring

Control power usage at your facilities and reduce wastage with accurate, granular consumption tracking and analytics.

Personal Safety

Discrete wearable, fixed location, or in-vehicle GPS tracking and duress response products that keep your people safe 24/7.

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The Venturi Global Network

Venturi’s next-generation, global IoT network provides exceptional security, performance and solution reliability anywhere on the planet. Data is processed at the closest location to your device, decreasing latency, prolonging battery life and contributing to superior data security.