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Our industrial field gateways provide complete interoperability and security for your IoT deployments. We have ensured that all the most common and emerging communications methodologies are supported. That means your Venturi solution will effectively interface with selected measurement and control devices regardless of your industry or geographic location.

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Industrial Field Gateway at a Glance


  • Internal lithium-ion backup battery (continues to monitor and alert during power outages)
  • 12/24V outlet ports (allows continued operation of powered sensors via the backup battery)
  • Digital pulse counter inputs (for measuring the flow of water, chemicals, liquid foods,   hydrocarbons, etc)
  • Digital signal inputs (for physically connected devices such as door/window reed switches and power monitoring devices)
  • 4-20ma ports (for tank level probes and other sensors providing range outputs)
  • 10/100 Ethernet (for LAN or WAN access)
  • Modbus (allows PLC control, interface with building management systems, as well as remote
  • CANBUS (fleet utilisation data capture and engine health metrics)
  • Relays (for remote control of pumps, ball valves, facility access systems, and more)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy / BLE (allowing extended battery life IoT devices to be selected)
  • WiFi (integrated antenna)
  • High accuracy global positioning anywhere in the world via GNSS (GPS, GLONASS & BeiDou).
  • Optional Global Satellite Connectivity
  • Cellular (2G & LTE Cat-M1 – Future-ready global band support with significant power savings)
  • Optional Global Satellite Connectivity (‘always on’ bidirectional data coverage via the Inmarsat network, for sites with unreliable cellular coverage)


  • All network data between the device and platform is secured by high-strength elliptic curve cryptography
  • Secure over-the-air firmware updates ensure all devices are updated with the latest enhancements and security automatically
  • Secure over-the-air configuration management means on-device software is tightly controlled, ensuring only authorised configurations are deployed.
  • Digital signal inputs (for physically connected devices such as door/window reed switches and power monitoring devices)
  • Satellite data is provided by the always online, globally available Inmarsat network of generators and other industrial instrumentation via RS485 or Ethernet)
  • Cryptographically signed firmware with hardware-enforced secure boot (only unmodified firmware issued by Venturi can execute on the processor)

Cellular-Enabled Connected Devices

Self-deployed, remotely commissioned, and mobile solutions.

Power Control

Reduce your business risk by ensuring that critical systems are powered at all times. Monitor power availability and trigger backup systems during outages. Remotely track the readiness of generators and UPS’. Measure the power being produced and remotely start or stop processes when required.

Fuel Control

Know the location of every tank or fuel-consuming asset, and monitor its health and productivity. Ensure your operations have sufficient fuels and lubricants available to do the job, and never run out. Gain absolute control of fuel access and security, reduce costs, and create a culture of high performance.

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