About Us

The team at Venturi cares deeply about solution security, interoperability, reliability and affordability. These guiding principles led us to build our hardware and software offerings from the ground up with the very latest software methodologies and embedded hardware. The result is a highly flexible architecture that includes pervasive security as standard, and is ready to integrate with the widest possible range of IoT devices.

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Venturi technologies are proactively supported by real people. Many of our connected field devices can be self-installed, but especially for larger projects, we use certified technicians experienced with the internet of things, vehicle telematics, and the deployment of measurement devices in industrial and commercial workplaces. Support and proactive advice on getting the most value and insight from your Venturi solution is available 24x7x365 because it is our objective to sell outcomes rather than software.

Venturi has a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary technical team consisting of electrical & mechanical engineers, software developers, cyber security, and field service technicians. All Venturi hardware is manufactured in Australia and assembled in-house at our lab in Brisbane, Queensland. This provides unparalleled control over the end-to-end solution, from the electronics hardware deployed in the field to the cloud software systems they interface with.

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