Asset Monitoring

Venturi helps you achieve optimal safety and performance from your operations by integrating sensor data to monitor and control essential assets. You will know exactly where your equipment and people are at all times and get notified of performance and location anomalies.

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Know the location, readiness, and productivity of your assets 24/7.


Asset Monitoring Features


Get immediate notification of critical events wherever you happen to be working

Real-time Location Tracking

Know the precise locations of all your farming equipment, fuel trailers, generators, fixed plant, high-value tools, production machinery, and even employees


View the readiness status, operational or production metrics, and non-critical alerts and notifications for all your assets at a glance

Operator Identification

Know exactly who is operating a machine, accessing a building, or dispensing fuels and chemicals

Geofence Management

Define virtual boundaries and get notified when assets enter or leave these areas

Anti-theft Features

Be alerted immediately when machines, fluids, buildings and other assets are used unexpectedly. Remotely enable or disable access if required

Cost Savings

Analyse trends, identify areas for improvement, schedule maintenance and enhance your operations for optimal safety and performance with powerful reporting tools

Fast Upgrade

All Venturi solutions are fully compatible. Easily add power, generator, or CCTV monitoring, fleet telematics, personal safety management, and other services

Simple 3rd Party Integration

Bi-directional API sends data between Venturi AMP and dedicated fuel management, business intelligence, building management, and security solutions

Our Platform

Provides a single pane of glass view across fleets, facilities, and geographies.

Tracks the location of essential business assets, their readiness and system health.

Allows you to remotely control equipment, fuel, fleets, facilities and more.

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Our People

Are based in country, ensuring you have highly-trained local support when it’s needed and superior installation quality.

Understand that IoT solutions must be secure, but also reliable and affordable.

Deploy best-of-breed automated control systems to protect your energy generation facilities, fleets, workshops, fluid management infrastructure and people.

Our Hardware

Has been designed to withstand the rigours of industrial worksites.

Our proprietary Industrial Field Gateway allows almost any machine, sensor, or management system to be connected, tracked, controlled, and located in real time.

Cellular-Enabled Connected Devices provide rapid and reliable scalability for visibility and control of building access, power outages, tank levels, fleet locations and system health.

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