Personal Safety Monitoring

Venturi provides precise real-time location monitoring and discrete wearable, in-vehicle or fixed location duress response products to keep your people and assets safe. We connect the unconnected to transform your operations’ security and productivity.

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Real-time personal safety assurance, precise location tracking and remote vehicle controls.

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Personal Safety Monitoring Features

Personal / Mobile / Fixed Duress Alarms

Discrete wearable and installed technologies allow individuals to request immediate assistance in the case of an emergency

Map View

See the precise location of all monitored people and vehicles on a satellite map, view their route, and identify where they are heading. Quickly zoom from regions or cities down to specific individuals and assets

Geofence Management

24/7 fleet visibility and control via the map view allows you to make informed decisions on the fly

Driver Identification

Get confirmation of who is behind the wheel of all your mobile assets

Vehicle Immobilisation

Remotely disable vehicles at the press of a button

Productivity Improvements

Gain clear insights from historic reporting of the location and routes travelled by all tracked assets, enabling data-informed targeted risk management and performance improvement opportunities

Our Platform

Provides a single pane of glass view across individuals, fleets, facilities, and geographies.

Tracks the location of essential business assets, their readiness and system health.

Allows you to remotely control equipment, fuel, fleets, and facilities while gaining real-time status updates from all devices.

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Our People

Are based in country, ensuring you have highly-trained local support when it’s needed and superior installation quality.

Deploy best-of breed automated control systems to protect your people, fleets, facilities, and infrastructure.

Understand that IoT solutions must be secure, but also reliable and affordable.

Our Hardware

Has been designed to withstand the rigours of industrial environments, so on the worksite, on the water, on the road or in the office you can rely on it to work.

Our proprietary Industrial Field Gateway allows almost any machine, sensor, or management system to be connected, tracked, controlled, and located in real time.

Cellular-Enabled Connected Devices provide rapid and reliable scalability for visibility and control of asset locations and system health.

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