Fleet Monitoring

Venturi provides real-time monitoring, control, and actionable context on the performance of your critical assets. We connect the unconnected to optimise your operations and transform the way you work.

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Understand the location of your fleet and enable a safer, more productive workforce. Real-time GPS analytics, enhanced personal safety, and remote vehicle security controls protect your operation.

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Fleet Telematics Features

Duress Alarm

In the case of an emergency, drivers can discretely signal their need for assistance via a silent, immediate alarm feature

Enhanced Safety

Gain real-time insights into driver behaviour and report on trends to promote responsible driving and reduce accidents

Real-time Location Tracking

24/7 fleet visibility and control via the map view allows you to make informed decisions on the fly

Geofence Management

Define virtual boundaries and get alerts when vehicles enter or exit their planned areas of operation

Anti-theft Features

Remotely immobilise misappropriated vehicles and use precise location monitoring to fast-track recovery

Driver Identification

Know who’s behind the wheel at all times and promote responsible driving habits

Cost Savings

Optimise routes to eliminate unnecessary downtime and minimise fuel consumption


Leverage historical vehicle location, operator, and trip data to compare operations, fleets, and teams. Proactively identifying opportunities to improve productivity and safety

Automated Alerts

Receive immediate notification of critical events such as unauthorised use or speeding. Use reminders to schedule service before breakdowns occur

Fuel Management System API

Venturi can provide best-of-breed fuel management solutions or interface with your current FMS, dramatically reducing fuel spend

Our Platform

Provides a single pane of glass view across fleets, facilities, and geographies.

Tracks the location of essential business assets, their readiness and system health.

Allows you to remotely control equipment, fuel, fleets, facilities and more.

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Our People

Are based in country, ensuring you have highly-trained local support when it’s needed and superior installation quality.

Understand that IoT solutions must be secure, but also reliable and affordable.

Deploy best-of-breed automated control systems to protect your energy generation facilities, fleets, workshops, fluid management infrastructure and people.

Our Hardware

Has been designed to withstand the rigours of industrial worksites.

Our proprietary Industrial Field Gateway allows almost any machine, sensor, or management system to be connected, tracked, controlled, and located in real time.

Cellular-Enabled Connected Devices provide rapid and reliable scalability for visibility and control of building access, power outages, tank levels, fleet locations and system health

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